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  • Elizabeth Crane is "Howard the Filmmaker." Also, fuck you James Toback.

    Elizabeth Crane has been talking to the public and the NYC DA Sex Crimes Unit about her experineces with James Toback and his predatory behavior, but long before this she fictionalized her story in "Howard the Filmmaker" at Nerve. You can read that piece here. There is also some excerpt below. 

    "So I went home and the script was seriously about this good-looking young filmmaker, it was actually called Henry The Filmmaker, just in case old Howard hadn’t said that word enough times, who’s kind of hypersexed but of course really wants true love, and he goes around trying to seduce all these women he sees on the street, while at the same time also pursuing the elusive one he really cares about, who of course does have sex with him but that detached kind of sex where she’s not emotionally involved with him at all which in my opinion was the real fantasy of Howard the filmmaker. And of course there’s the obligatory cameo in which old Howard, something of a mentor to his younger alter ego, has sex with a young novice in a church basement while Henry looks on taking notes or jerking off or something. What that has to do with filmmaking I’m not sure. The only thing that’s even a little bit believable about this movie is that the young filmmaker is considerably more handsome than Howard the old fat bald filmmaker and therefore you could see where maybe one or two random women might ever want to have sex with him who only just met him on the street. Otherwise it veers off into some weird netherworld where the woman has this compulsive gambling problem even though by day she’s a prim schoolteacher and she gets deeper and deeper into the debt of the gambling problem until eventually the young filmmaker is the only person who can possibly help her or relate to her because he obviously has this compulsion of his own, but then it’s still kind of a thing where in the end even though she’s shed a very dramatic tear out of her left eye she’s still kind of detached which allows Henry the filmmaker to be left kind of perpetually pursuing her which again is a very nice fantasy coming from a sex addict. He kind of gets to have it both ways. "