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  • "Rollicking, humorous and insightful." Bill Mares talks The Full Vermonty: Vermont in the Age of Trump with David Masciotra at Salon.

    Really thrilled to let you know that Bill Mares the co-author along with Jeff Danziger of "The Full Vermonty - Vemont in the Age of Trump," had the chance to talk to friend of the blog David Masciotra at Salon and it's all quite cool indeed. You can read the interview here, and as always, and as desired, you can read some excerpt below.

    What insight can organizers on the left draw from that story and Vermont’s political culture as it exists now?

    Oh, man. I think that the people like David Zuckerman, our Lieutenant Governor, and others who coming out of the Bernie tradition are very conscious that they have to appeal to a broad spectrum of people within this state. Now granted, it is very white, but there is a range of views, and they have learned or have developed an instinct for persuading more quietly, not hectoring the audience and not preaching to the choir, except when a choir is assembled for them to preach to. They acknowledge it is a politically diverse state, and they campaign accordingly.

    Now, if we look at Bernie. He’s certainly been consistent throughout all his years, and he is passionate. So, maybe passion and consistency is the message.