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  • "My celebrity crushes are emotional rescue when the world is too much." Leesa Cross-Smith is all "Emotional Rescue" and Matthias Schoenaerts at LENNY.

    I love it, I love the Cross-Smith, I love celebrities and crushes, and I may even love LENNY and Matthias Schoenaerts now. I'll see. Meanwhile, excerpt? But of course.

    "I’ve had plenty of crushes in my lifetime, both real and celebrity. When I was a little girl, I had a crush on the boy up the street who cut the grass with his shirt off. His name started with a T, and he was older than me. I can no longer picture his face, but it was the idea of teenage T, shirtless, riding the push mower that I liked. I couldn’t have been any older than ten and had absolutely no clue what sex was or what my feelings were, but I liked looking out the car window when we drove past his house and seeing him out in the yard. I liked thinking about him. That’s most of what it comes down to for me: what I like thinking about. A way to curb my anxiety and anxious thoughts. You could be mine, could be mine, could be mine, all mine. Right?"