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  • Michael Tanzer. A shout-out. On what would have been his 77th birthday.

    I want to take a moment to recognize that June 3rd would have been my father Michael Tanzer's 77th birthday. He is missed and he is loved and he was a great artist who went mostly unrecognized during his lifetime. With that in mind, I want to draw your attention to both a piece I wrote about him titled PaintWriteDeathLifeArt (Sketches from a life in art), that ran in decomP way back in 2007, and is briefly excerpted below, but an academic article about his life and work as well, which is titled Michael Tanzer: An Artist Searching for His Routes by the late UCLA art historian and long-time family friend Dr. Albert Boime.
    "My father Michael Tanzer was a lot of things. Painter. Teacher. Activist. Raconteur. Filmmaker. New Yorker. High-school dropout. Tough guy. He was also a man who had regrets, someone who died much too young from a twisted form of cancer, an artist who never quite achieved what he hoped to, and a guy who never cried, not until the end anyway."