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  • "WITCH HUNT!!!" Greg Olear and Dirty Rubles are quite gloriously ONE QUESTION at HYPERTEXT Magazine.

    Which is to say that "WITCH HUNT" is one answer to many questions, while Greg Olear and Dirty Rubles really are but ONE QUESTION and you can read said question, and said answers, here. You can read some excerpt below. Word.

    If Trump did not collude with Moscow, then why did Trump’s people have so many meetings with the Russians? Why did they lie about it? Why are they still lying about it?


    You see, Trump is rubber, and you are glue, and whatever you say bounces off him and sticks to you. Also, I know you are but what am I.

    If you come across a Trump supporter, ask him (it’s probably, hopefully, a him) that three-part question. It cannot be answered, because if it could, these geniuses would have crafted a halfway believable response by now. A good follow-up is: “Do you support the Trump Administration’s policy of separating refuge children from their parents?” They will deflect, they will engage in whataboutism…but that one is a simple yes or no answer.