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  • "And pretty soon I had a book." Terry H. Watkins and Darling Girl are quite gloriously ONE QUESTION at HYPERTEXT Magazine.

    Which is to say that we are all Terry Hiner, well, Terry H. Watkins, all the time, and at this time Terry H. Watkins and Darling Girl are ONE QUESTION and you can read said question, and said answer, here. You can read some excerpt below. Word.

    “Why did it take you so long to write your first book?”

    I was always an avid reader, a habit instilled early on by my mother. But even as I read some books and thought that I could have done a better job, I lacked the confidence to write myself. It wasn’t until I was teaching that I started modeling different kinds of writing for my students – pattern poetry, the How-To essay, the personal narrative. When I asked my students to write, I wrote alongside them. Then, using my own writing, I walked them through how to edit, how to polish a piece. I let them pick apart what I wrote the way I picked apart what they wrote. The first chapter of my book was entirely written when I was teaching 8th graders at Mendez Middle School. After that...