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  • “Death had no sting upon her.” Let's talk Today My Name Is Billie by Neile Parisi. Reviews, interviews, think pieces and hype would be nice as well.

    As the universe inexplicably continues to chug along despite, or is it in spite, of the current state of the world, I'm really honored to support efforts to bring Today My Name is Billie by Neile Parisi out into the wider world. To quote a recent piece by Neile at Past-Ten:

    "I pulled into the parking lot knowing that I would regret this visit, but I had promised my mom that I would go see her sister. Aunt Emily was a unique woman, who had survived California earthquakes and fires, the beating death of her husband, and the loss of all her earthly possessions. None of these had managed to affect her joy in life. She once said to me life is a banquet and I frequently visit the table."

    And what could be more wonderful than that? How about Today My Name Is Billie itself, which also couldn't be more of a page-turner or summer read. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions and/or are interested in reviewing the book, interviewing the author, writing think pieces or generally engaging in the hype we're looking to generate for this most timely of books. For much more on all things Today My Name Is Billie please do go here.