Personal Essay
  • That time I walked through the First Class cabin on United and stumbled onto my personal essay “Into the Orange Sherbet Sky” in Rhapsody magazine.

    I'm really thrilled that Rhapsody was interested in "Into the Orange Sherbet Sky." I would also be thrilled if you read it, which would mean that we all kind of win. Which is nice. You can read "Into the Orange Sherbet Sky" here, and are more than welcome to enjoy some excerpt below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this essay, and if there is some kind of freelance writing assignment that you think I can do for you... especially a travel piece, please let me know, because I would love to talk about that. Thanks!

    "I came to understand my parents’ love of travel on the first flight I ever took without them. A friend of mine had moved to Los Angeles, and when I was 11, my parents drove my younger brother and me to JFK and put us on a plane to visit him over Christmas break.

    "I don’t remember a teary goodbye at the gate. It was the 1970s, and parenting was much looser than it is now, which, when combined with my parents being all about exploration and separation, meant that the family just didn’t operate like that. My brother and I were expected to do things, be out in the world, consume everything there was to offer, and then come back to talk about it.

    "I also don’t remember the flight attendants paying special attention to us, and no one gave us wings or invited us into the cockpit.

    "This is all to say that on the surface there was nothing especially unique or life-changing about our departure, and that for most involved it was just like any other day.

    "It’s just that it wasn’t. Not for me."