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  • The most excellent Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh is release, Part I, the "Why Doing It Your Damn Self Might Just Make You Happier" Burning River post.

    It's not just that Chinese Gucci is release, there is also most excellent "Why Doing It Your Damn Self Might Just Make You Happier" post at Burning River. So, please do that too. And as needed, enjoy some excerpt.

    "To understand the how and the why of Chinese Gucci, I first have to start with compromise. To a certain extent, it exists in almost all facets of life. As children we pitch almighty fits when things don’t go our way. Hopefully less so as adults, though maybe not. Handling the vagaries with grace, accepting the limitations of the world and ourselves, working within the confines probably makes life more tolerable in the long run…but goddamn if some of the spice ain’t gone too. Yes, compromise exists…but it shouldn’t exist in our art. Or my art…which is admittedly small potatoes…but it’s what I’ve got and I love doing it.

    "Publishing is a thing I have been part of for almost two decades, and still a thing I know very little about. New Mexico is pretty far from where most things are published, so as an outsider looking in, all I can do is guess about how it all works. And from where I sit, publishing is a large and collaborative industry…which can be another way of saying one filled with compromise. Big presses are owned by giant conglomerates and they have relationships with all the mechanisms of supply and demand, wielding extraordinary power to either promote or ignore products. Spreadsheets and market research quantify what is worth the resources, and what isn’t. Chasing the hungry ghost of mass-appeal means avoiding risk in favor of the more obvious, commercial, and genre-heavy “comps.” I get it…it’s a business.

    "Except it’s not."