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  • A heartfelt request to give to HYPERTEXT Magazine + Studio on Giving Tuesday (which happens to be today).

    It's Giving Tuesday, which means the turkey has been consumed, the family has moved-on and you've imbibed on all the sales Best Buy could offer. Now it's time to give back (not that spending time with your family isn't giving back, I get it, for real) and I would like to invite you to give to HYPERTEXT Magazine & Studio, whose board I'm honored to serve on. 

    We're proud of our Gold Star rating from Guidestar, but we're also proud of our mission, which  is pretty simpler really: we're committed to teaching creative storytelling and writing skills to marginalized Chicago-area adults and to publishing these stories – alongside established writers – online and in print.

    Although our mission is pretty straight forward, the results are multifaceted and nuanced. HMS's writing workshops help students develop critical-thinking skills, raise their authentic voices on the page, and share their stories to establish physical proof of their emotional growth and accomplishments.

    Since founding HMS last September, we have taught creative writing to twenty-two formerly-incarcerated women through a collaboration with Cabrini Green Legal Aid's (CGLA) Visible Voices program and St. Leonard's Ministries Grace House - and please do take a moment to check-out the above video we recently produced for CGLA's upcoming Justice Has A Voice symposium on "the impact of mass incarceration on our communities."

    We have also taught an additional thirty-four people recovering from addiction at Above & Beyond Family Recovery Center.

    We are just getting started – so no one is being paid yet! At this point, every donation goes toward providing pens, books, copies, and journals to our students. Donations will also go toward costs associated with publishing our students' and professional writers' work (online or in print).

    Any amount would go a long way, so please consider giving today, please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your time.