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  • "Life in all of its joy and gutter glory." As lovely a riff on Be Cool as I could hope for.

    And so many thanks to Atticus Review and Cija Jefferson - possibly my new friend - for all of it. Excerpt? Always, yo.

    "Be Cool is an exploration of life. Tanzer daydreams about a desire for a different kind of existence, a creative life “…is what I want going forward—more art, more beach, more punk, and less worry about structure and everything being taken care of.”  He reveals no hint of dissatisfaction; rather, he shows a wistfulness for a life not rigid with responsibility, where he doesn’t need a 9-5 and can live as the writer he is.

    Through humorous, sometimes meandering, and always-candid storytelling, Tanzer has invited us in to see him soar as a normal guy—husband, father and writer, and to witness those lows inevitable to life—freak accidents, health scares and death. In letting us witness his journey, Tanzer invites us all to see a bit of ourselves."