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  • "You are not present or in the moment; you are everywhere but here or in the now." There is new story. "Unfolding." At Cobalt Press. And much appreciated it is.

    Most definitely appreciated and most definitely at the Cobalt Press. Excerpt? Excellent.

    “'Get out!'

    "You don’t hear it as much as sense it. It’s the movement, a shadow somewhere behind you, a fracture, and a puncturing of your world from that of a parallel and adjacent one. 

    "You are coasting down a sidewalk. 

    "You are filled with a kind of joy, contentment.

    "Work is done.

    "Freedom beckons.

    "The unknown, the night, still unfolding ahead of you. 

    "You are not present or in the moment; you are everywhere but here or in the now.

    "Is that bad?

    "This not being present at all times, headphones in, Frankie Knuckles thumping, reading texts, checking scores, scanning news in real time, lost in it, stories permeating everything, everywhere, immersed in your thoughts, collecting them, following flights of fancy, and fantasy, who you may fuck, and where you’ll go when you go back out, if you go back out at all, because maybe you’ll choose to write or read and drink coffee instead.

    "You’re allowed this, right? 

    "This sense of anything being possible, no concerns, no worries?

    "It’s dependent on the world and your place in it, your privilege, because what does it mean to never worry about where you are or question whether you belong there?

    "You’ve been handed all of this at birth and it’s yours to lose.

    "Until all that’s punctured."