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  • "I could not have written this book when I was caught in the fast tempo of my public life. I needed to have space to think." Governor Madeleine Kunin and Coming of Age are quite gloriously ONE QUESTION at HYPERTEXT Magazine.

    Which is to say that we are all Governor Kunin, all the time, and at this time Governor Kunin and Coming of Age are ONE QUESTION and you can read said question, and said answer, here. You can read some excerpt below. Word.

    “What makes your book different from other books on aging?”

    This is a very personal book that reveals my changing emotions as I grow older. It is as if I had opened a door, walked through it, and discovered that I could write more intimately. When I was in public life as a governor and ambassador I had to sift my words through a sieve, screening out any words that might offend or cause harm. Unknowingly, I was shrink-wrapped. Now, it was safe to tear off the cellophane and emerge as an old woman who still loved life...

  • "A wise woman’s meditation on dying and living." Let's talk Coming of Age by Madeleine Kunin. Reviews, interviews, think pieces and hype would be nice as well.

    As the universe inexplicably continues to chug along despite, or is it inspite, of the current state of the world, I'm really honored to support efforts to bring Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties by former Governor of Vermont (and so much more) Madeleine Kunin out into the wider world. To quote the publisher:

    "Many readers are already familiar with Madeleine Kunin, the former three-term governor of Vermont, who served as the deputy secretary of education and ambassador to Switzerland under President Bill Clinton. In her newest book, a memoir entitled Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties, the topic is aging, but she looks well beyond the physical tolls and explores the emotional ones as well. And she has had an extraordinary life: governor, ambassador, feminist, wife, mother, professor, poet, and much, much more.

    "As recently reported in the New York Times, a girl born today can expect to live to the age of ninety, on average (boys, on the other hand, can expect to live until age eighty-five). Life expectancy, for many, is increasing, yet people rarely contemplate the emotional changes that come alongside the physical changes of aging. Madeleine wants to change that. Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties takes a close and incisive look at what it is like to grow old. The book is a memoir, yet most important of all, it is an honest and positive look at aging and how it has affected her life."

    I couldn't agree more. Further, I don't think this book could be more timely.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and/or are interested in reviewing the book, interviewing the author, writing think pieces or generally engaging in the hype we're looking to generate for this most timely of books. For much more on all things Coming of Age please do go here.