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  • "If ignorance is your bliss, Dirty Rubles isn't for you." Luckily, ignorance is not your bliss. The truth is. So, let's talk DIRTY RUBLES by Greg Olear. Reviews, interviews, think pieces and hype would be nice too.

    As the universe inexplicably continues to chug along despite, or is it inspite, of the current administration, I'm really honored to support efforts to bring DIRTY RUBLES by Greg Olear out into the wider world. To quote the author:

    "Trump/Russia is the greatest political scandal in American history. It’s also the most complex. In this remarkable and necessary work, novelist Greg Olear weaves the loose threads of Trump/Russia into a short, easy-to-follow narrative. DIRTY RUBLES is both an ideal primer for those new to the story and a useful review for those already in the know—a compelling overview of Trump/Russia."

    I couldn't agree more. Further, I truly believe that it may just take a fiction writer to connect the dots in the ways traditional media has been unable or unwilling to do.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and/or are interested in reviewing the book, interviewing the author, writing think pieces or generally engaging in the hype we're looking to generate for this most timely of books. For much more on all things DIRTY RUBLES please do go here