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  • "Tanzer wants to eat the world." A quite grand Be Cool review from a quite grand writer I quite love.

    That's a lot of quite, grand and Be Cool, but it is all so very appreciated. Excerpt? Word.

    "This is a beautiful and honest book about what it means to be alive in the 21st century, to be a sentient being, to be a son and husband and father, to be a boyfriend, to be a drinker, to be a runner, to be an artist, and to be a fuck-up, a fuck-up which is how most of us do not identify but how all of us should. To be alive is to be a fuck-up. Anything else is a lie. Ben Tanzer knows that. Desire, which is what Tanzer means when he says be cool, is everything and it’s a motherfucker. Like his early literary hero, Jim Carroll—who he writes about here wonderfully—and eternal beatnik, Jack Kerouac, Ben Tanzer is on a quest to find out what it means to be on a quest. Unlike Carroll and Kerouac, Tanzer is as close as it gets to being enlightened. No bullshit. No God. No use pretending the world isn’t a total mess."