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  • Introducing HEFT Creative Strategies.

    Following the last two years of "informally" hustling for work, I'm formally launching a shop called HEFT Creative Strategies (logo courtesy of the always fab Ryan W. Bradley).

    The focus in on creative strategy (not surprising given the name), coaching, story editing and training.

    But it's also about helping human beings and organizations be their best selves through story.

    Many wonderful people and organizations have supported me at some point during the last couple of years through contracting me to work on strategy, coaching, blogging/copywriting, storytelling, branding, idea making and/or inviting me to speak in their class, professional group or conference.

    I want to thank them, and you if you're one of them, thank you for that.

    I also want to invite them, or you, to let people know that  HEFT is out in the world, and would very much appreciate you, whoever you are, writing a "Recommendation" about me on LinkedIn.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this, please know how much I appreciate any of you who've done anything to support me and if there is something you believe we can work on together, please let me know, I would be excited to talk to you about it.