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  • Some post-run real time thoughts on turning 50 and heading into the next half-century of my life.

    I still love the written word more than any other form of communication or culture, and nothing will ever have the impact on me that the grimy, poetic, real-time kinetic energy that is The Basketball Diaries did so many decades ago.

    In my next half-century I hope we can have a more public dialogue on trauma, its reverberations and the damage we carry.

    Ocean waves rules, and they will always rule. Even just sitting there and listening to them come in.

    One has to leave the house. I know how hard it can be sometimes, but we have to stay connected to the larger world to feel alive and grow, and when you can't get out or get-up, call me.

    Outside of my children's laughter I'm not sure anything is greater than the feeling of sunlight on my face. One has to do sunscreen though, I wish I had been better about it.

    If I knew my body would feel like this at 50, I would have done it differently along the way, not sure how, but differently. I would have avoided closed ski trails, hotel room fights and lawn mower blades for sure.

    Luck is real, and yes success involves hard work, showing-up and being prepared when the moments arrive, but without luck the odds are far greater.

    But privilege is very real too. And if you have it, which I certainly do, check it, and do better, we did nothing to earn it.

    This is not an original thought, but be the change you want to be in the world, don't complain, or rail on imaginary foes and slights, do shit, make a difference.

    People will cut you in line, they will be unfair and cruel, those who suck may not get their comeuppance and there are lots of assholes out there. You have to learn to live with this, otherwise it will kill you, slowly anyway.

    If you have love to give, give it freely, and don't be ashamed to do so. I've received so much of it, and I know that's not the norm, but I also hope that can change.

    And at every phase of my life I've been blessed with great friends, I don't know how that works, but I'm endlessly appreciative of that and I look forward during my next half a century to meeting those of you I haven't yet.