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  • Today let us celebrate my boyhood crush on Parker Stevenson. This essay is also included in Be Cool. So, marketing.

    The essay, might I add, is titled "The Big One" and first appeared in The Weeklings. Excerpt? Word.

    "IT’S NOT CLEAR that it was a crush, not by any standard definition I was accustomed to at that time anyway:

    See person I’m attracted to.

    Find them funny or mysterious, both maybe.

    Try to figure out ways to be near them.

    Soak-up their energy, and possibly consume them, if not physically, than metaphysically.

    The feeling will be unrequited of course, at least initially. That’s certainly my experience.

    The feeling will also be followed by a crippling desire that dogs me throughout the day, leaving me restless at night, and unable to sleep, with little likelihood of that changing.

    So maybe I am incorrect, maybe it was very much like the crushes I was accustomed to. Maybe what was different is that this crush was not only unattainable, but male. Though not unattainable because said crush was male, though that was different than my standard crush, but because said crush was Parker Stevenson, and how was that going to work?"

  • My new essay "Spring, Again" is a rumination on running, work and happiness. It is also a companion piece to my essay "The Space Between." Finally, it is a blatantly naked effort to draw attention to my new essay collection Be Cool.

    Big thanks to The Weeklings for making all good "Spring, Again" things happen. Also, a reminder that the "The Space Between" appeared in the Tortoise Books anthology Saudade. And excerpt? Word.

    "I lace-up my running shoes and pull on my Dri-Fit shirt.

    I fold my bandanna and wrap it around my forehead, spiky hair popping out like the logo for Shock Top beer, sans the sun glasses, big ass smile and orange hue.

    I pop-in my ear buds and I fire-up the new episode of WTF with Marc Maron, who’s telling us about Garry Shandling’s wake.

    Somehow every time I am ruminating about things, what might be, or has been, it seems to come back to Los Angeles, the city itself, someone there or how those lives are lived.

    I was there, again, just weeks ago, it was warm where Chicago was not, and I ran under those piercing blue skies, shrugging off my lingering flu, and dreading my need to return home and re-embrace the cold that would be waiting for me.

    I was however ready to re-embrace work, and my creative life, balancing day job, and writing, travel, telecommuting and finding peace with how it all might work together.

    Maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself though.

    What’s important now is that it’s spring again, I am home, it is sunny, I have been ruminating on work and life, and I’m thinking that today I will run far, further than I have been anyway."