Being happy is important. Knowing yourself is important. Spending time working on things that energize you are important.

Which is why I've made a decision: I'm going to go out on my own, I'm going to consult, chase projects that excite me, look for transformative opportunties, and most importantly, seek out vital and innovative work that helps organizations and individuals tell their stories, launch their products, and transform their lives.

My plan is to focus on the various ways we tell our stories, specifically how I can help people and organizations tell their stories in new and exciting ways. In doing so, I plan to concentrate on the following:

Creative Strategy, Marketing Materials, and Planning.

Book Promotion and Story/Manuscript Development.

Training focused on Leading Teams, Storytelling, Branding, Organizational Change, and Collaboration.


And linking people who want to promote their work and their ideas in cool and innovative ways with the endlessly fascinating artists, designers, changemakers, and thought leaders I've been cultivating, curating, and connecting with over at (my once faux, now former) cultural and lifestyle (empire) site This Blog Will Change Your Life.

If you think you would like to explore retaining, working, or partnering with me in any of these areas please contact me by email at tanzerben [at] gmail [dot] com or by phone at (312) 622-3536.

Contact me even if you just have some questions about all of this, want to grab some coffee, or have learned about a new brand of Gin and/or a new taco or doughnut joint, that we absolutely must try together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Photo courtesy of KING Communications)