Lost in Space.

Lost in Space.

"Everything a person in need of a guide through the uncertainty of adulthood, manhood, parenthood, personhood, could hope for." --Literary Chicago

"Lost in Space strikes an excellent balance of sincerity, realistic advice, and humor." --Entropy

"Lost in Space is a gem. It is a cozy, sweet read, at times easy, at times not. It is a book with a heartbeat that should be read on the beach (that’s what I did) or at the pool or on the bus or before bed or with morning coffees or weekend lunchtime beers. It should be laughed at and cried at and worn-out and passed around from heartbeating-human to heartbeating-human and when it gets really quiet, you will be able to hear that this book has a heartbeat of its own." --Heavy Feather Review

"Tanzer has crafted a series of essays that get at the joy and terror of adulthood and parenthood." --The Rupture

"Ben Tanzer tells you what it’s like to be a dad now." --Chicago Magazine

2015 Devil's Kitchen Literary Festival Nonfiction Prose Award

Honorable Mention, Chicago Writers Association 2014 Book Awards, Traditional Non-Fiction 

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