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  • This Book Will Change Your Life - Relief by Execution - A Visit to Mauthausen by the Gint Aras.

    Is there a good time to talk about trauma? Or racism? Violence and abuse? Oppression? Or the immigrant's story? Even then, isn't all of this merely the story of America anyway, a country built on violence, immigrants and oppression? Said differently, is there ever a bad time for this dialogue? I ask in part for reasons purely pedantic and quotidian. If I'm going to podcast with someone I like to read their most current book, should there be one mind you, first, and if I'm going to read said book, I'm going to blog about it here. Sometimes I might merge a riff on the book with the post for the podcast itself. Why does any of this matter? It doesn't, not in comparison to talking trauma, violence or immigration. But I'm running a cultural enterprise here and I like to do things how I do them. So, in preparing to welcome the Gint Aras back as a guest on This Podcast Will Change Your Life, I sought to tackle his newest joint Relief by Execution - A Visit to Mauthausen before we met, and did, though only finishing it on the train enroute to recording the podcast. And then, what, I posted the podcast, and spent not one moment opining on the book here in any way at all. Which is a shame. Now, please do hit the podcast, its incredibly powerful stuff, but please take a moment to read through this post as well (and look you've gotten this far already). I want to enourage people to tackle Gint's work, new, old and otherwise, and I also want to take a moment to recognize that most of us have been exposed to some kind of trauma, experienced violence, or suffered from abuse or oppression, and these experiences not only ripple across our lives, but across generations and our very DNA. And this is what Gint knows all too well and writes so trenchantly about, trauma and its ongoing effect on our lives, individually and collectively. I will also say here, just as I've written about and speak to on the podcast, I've experienced little oppression, much less racism in the form of anti-Semiticism or otherwise, and my family long ago immigrated to this country, but trauma and violence, that I know, and it lingers, and I dealt with it by not really dealing with it at all, which I regret now. I didn't have the language, or the necessary insight, but I wish I did, and I'm happy to talk about it with any of you any time if you think it will be helpful. Read Gint's book though as well, listen to the podcast, and work to both end and confront trauma and violence any time you can, and any place you can. Individual actions go a long way, and collective actions can make for transformations in policy and culture. It starts with each of us though, and I'm happy to talk about that too. Will Relief by Execution change your life? I hope so, but what I really hope is that we can change the world we live in for future generations.